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Learning in Harmony Trust

Join the Learning in Harmony Trust

Join the Learning in Harmony Trust

Our mission is to have the greatest possible impact on society, and we passionately believe that through working collaboratively across our Trust, we can ensure all of our pupils receive the very best possible education.  We welcome hearing from other schools that wish to find out more about joining us on that journey.

What will your school gain by joining the Learning in Harmony Trust?

When your school becomes part of the Trust’s family of schools, you will join a supportive and collaborative network that is committed to mutual support and bound by a shared mission and shared values.  

Being part of Learning in Harmony means:

  • Accessing and contributing to a deep well of expertise in key areas, including: school improvement; leadership development; curriculum design; pedagogy; and SEND. 
  • Working with our experienced and committed Trust Leadership Group and School Improvement Team.
  • High-quality CPD, opportunities for career progression and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Participation in highly effective network groups, including leadership, curriculum, early years and SEND.
  • Access to high quality support in finance, HR, premises and IT from our Central Team, who provide common business systems, policies and guidance.

What is our approach?

Our commitment to interdependence and collaboration creates greater strength and impact than independence and autonomy.  Our Learning in Harmony Trust schools are not standardised and each school retains its individuality; the school uniform and school name does not change.  We do not have a common curriculum, enabling each school to plan for and respond to its local context, but we broadly follow the National Curriculum and apply some common design principles.  Our goal is to ensure that pupils receive a high quality education, from passionate and highly skilled teachers and support staff.

There are some areas where alignment or standardisation are necessary, most notably in our central services.  As such, our strategy is that all schools within the Trust use the same technology, applications and software, enabling us to be efficient and effective and work as one organisation.

Getting to know us

Our learning from our growth as a Trust has been that developing an early relationship is key to a successful partnership, whether that is as a result of academisation or working with other single or multi academy trusts.  

When schools are academising, we offer a transparent and supportive approach; we want to know how we can support the school(s) as much as we want to know how they can contribute to our development and growth.  School leaders will be offered a range of opportunities to participate in our networks and develop relationships with leaders from across our Trust.  Our aim is that by the time a Governing Body is ready to make a formal decision to join our Trust, we have already built a strong relationship.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of joining Learning in Harmony, please reach out to Gary Wilkie (CEO) via email