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We thoroughly believe that our staff are our biggest asset and we work hard to provide the opportunities and recognition they deserve. 


 Hannah Inwood - Senior Teacher at the Greenways Schools

I love Greenways for our community feel - everyone is always welcoming and wants others to do well too. The school enables all staff and children to succeed in every way, and it has enabled me to develop my career beyond my expectations. My role allows me to work closely with a range of children and teachers, which allows me to further develop my skills and practice from many different viewpoints. This is further encouraged by the Trust through the support and challenge across different schools, and by the external partners who work with us on school improvement. I feel encouraged to comfortably progress without feeling too pressured and in an environment where I am happy to ask questions. The Trust has also allowed me to take part in the Evolve leadership course which opened a network of like-minded colleagues and changed my outlook on myself as a leader, encouraging me to apply for a more senior role. Additionally, with staff perks such as Perkbox, the Trust is a great organisation to work for.


Raheema Patel, Trust Business and Infrastructure Officer      

Being part of the Learning in Harmony Trust has provided me with a network of support and challenge that has changed my role entirely. By learning about the work of others, I had the opportunity to review all of my back office functions at Sheringham, where I was based at for several years as a School Business Manager. As the Trust has developed, I have been given significant opportunities to broaden my experiences and to see the bigger picture, as well as progress in my career while allowing for those less senior than me to also progress in theirs.


 Victoria York - Assistant Headteacher at Hartley Primary School

Working at Sheringham from the very start of my career was a great experience but after 11 years in one school, I began to feel curious about how other schools worked.  As part of the Trust, I was given the opportunity to lead on a project designed to map out support and development of NQTs. Through this, I was introduced to staff from across the trust and built relationships that never would have happened otherwise.   I'd been lucky enough to explore whilst holding onto my Sheringham security blanket! So when an opportunity for a secondment arose at Hartley, I was in a much stronger position - in terms of both experience and confidence - to apply. Making the move was less daunting than it otherwise would have been as I already knew lots of faces from the NQT working group and I felt 'at home' very quickly.  Taking a step in your career is always going to have its challenges - but by doing this within the trust I'd already overcome many of the hurdles that make changing jobs/schools difficult. I don't know if I would have been brave enough to leave Sheringham for somewhere completely new and unknown, so this opportunity was just what I needed in order to move forward in my career.


Rick Taylor - Deputy Headteacher at Blenheim Primary School 

Being part of the Trust has extended the wealth of support and challenge available to staff; the partnership has opened up new opportunities to see different schools in different settings, with the continuous support of a network of colleagues who have already implemented them. We are encouraged to talk frankly about our ideas and thoughts, and we support one another to investigate creative and challenging solutions that improve our schools.


Hawes brothers at JFK Special School: Ben Hawes - Assistant Headteacher, Billy Hawes - Senior Leader, James Hawes - Class Teacher and Phase Leader

  Billy                    Ben                 James

Our school is unique as we have highly skilled staff and specialised equipment to ensure any barriers to learning are removed for our complex learners. Whilst JFK has given us a platform to develop our leadership and pedagogic skills through CPD, we now have the opportunity to meet amazing colleagues across the Trust with wide-ranging experiences and expertise. We have been able to network to gain a greater understanding of their school’s context and draw upon knowledge from different leaders across the Trust to implement new and fresh ideas to our practice at JFK. Working for one of the Trust school’s is a great idea as it helps us develop areas of particular interest.


 Suzy Crowe - Head of SEND at Blenheim Primary School

Being part of the Trust, has given me the opportunity to liaise with other schools to extend my thinking. It also gives me an opportunity to question what I am doing at my school, and working alongside others who are doing similar roles allows us to ensure our practice is good. The trust-wide inclusion team meetings and the support from JFK Special school have been very beneficial to me as a professional and to Blenheim as an inclusive school.


Kath Sewell - Headteacher at Sheringham Primary School 

I started working at Sheringham nine years ago as a teacher and quickly realised that it is full of passionate staff and pupils who are eager to learn and have a desire to improve, which makes our school a dynamic and exciting place to work. Sheringham places great value on its staff and we aim to do everything we can to support one another by balancing workloads, encouraging collaborative work and creating a strong team spirit - we know that motivated staff have the greatest impact on children and their development. Being part of the Trust has been amazing and offers a tremendous amount of support, particularly due to the close relationships between the network of schools and their leaders. We all share similar values, which direct us to the same end goal and we often have the opportunity to seek advice and bounce ideas off one another. Additionaly, the amount of professional development and training opportunities on offer for staff from across all Trust schools is second to none. 


 Marcela Leite - Trust Project Officer

I joined the central team of the Trust as an intern in its early days to support the development of its infrastructural functions, and we have grown from strength to strength. My role is extremely varied, and the opportunity to closely support all our schools with many shared projects has not only allowed me to develop professionally but also given me the chance to participate in the organic establishment of a values-driven, highly collaborative, progressive and nurturing community of staff, pupils, parents and partners that form the Learning in Harmony Trust. Additionally, the perks offered by the Trust to all staff help me make the most of living in London and I feel very well looked after.