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Strategic Priorities

Our pupils and staff are our absolute priority. How we strategically achieve our goals organically evolves with the strengthening of our relationships and shared approach. 

 On 1st September 2017, the Learning in Harmony Trust turned three years old. Having started life with two member schools both based in Newham, on its third anniversary it contained 9 schools - 6 based in London and 3 in Essex.

The strategic priorities agreed initially in 2014 helped to prioritise the work of senior leaders within the Trust to build capacity and set channels for collaboration, so the foundations of the Trust could be built solidly. But with significantly increased membership and an organic move towards more shared approaches and systems, new priorities are being developed.

Our Strategic Aims for 2017-2020

Strategic Aim A: Outcomes Key Strategic Areas

All schools in the trust are enabled to reach good or better outcomes.

  1. To ensure that all trust schools have safe, welcoming and inspiring learning environments.
  2. To ensure that schools fully prepare all pupils  for the next stage of their education
  3. To improve standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics so that year-on-year more pupils achieve and exceed age-related expectations, and make good or better progress.
  4. To secure the high-quality teaching and learning of a rich and broad curriculum in each school.
  5. To ensure that all groups within the trust make good or better progress.
  6. To ensure that all pupils are able to lead a full and happy life, playing their part in society.

Strategic Aim B: School Improvement Key Strategic Areas

To establish a self-sustaining, system-led, collaborative approach to improvement.

  1. To secure an accurate and robust self-evaluation, and school improvement planning process that positively impacts on pupil outcomes
  2. To develop structures that ensure school improvement resource is targeted efficiently across the trust.
  3. To maximise the opportunities for Trust staff to lead school improvement both inside and outside of the trust.

Strategic Aim C: Leadership Key Strategic Areas

To ensure high-quality leadership and governance at Trust Board, Local Governing Board and academy level.

  1. To develop a fully-functioning, high-level Trust Board that represents the full range of skills required.
  2. To embed high-quality governance across the trust, focused clearly on raising standards.
  3. To empower all trust leaders to lead the improvement journey within and beyond their own school.

Strategic Aim D: Business Key Strategic Areas

To ensure that an effective and efficient business infrastructure operates throughout the trust, supporting school leaders in achieving excellent outcomes for pupils.

  1. To maintain measured and systematic growth within Newham and Southend and surrounding areas.
  2. To ensure that services procured and provided by the trust are of high quality, efficiently supporting excellence across the organisation.
  3. To ensure the balance between centralised and school-based business functions enables efficiency and local autonomy.
  4. To ensure that strong financial management and robust long-term budget planning exists across the trust.