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Learning in Harmony Trust

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

It has always been our goal, but now, more so than ever following on from the Coronavirus pandemic, society requires our schools to provide the best quality of education possible for our pupils, alongside continuing to prioritise their safety, wellbeing and happiness.

To achieve this our focus needs to be upon ensuring that our schools have the capacity and expertise to design a broad and balanced curriculum that responds to their individual context.  Our ambition is for our schools to clearly understand their purpose and to implement a high quality and ambitious curriculum for all learners so that they develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to thrive and make a positive difference to society.

Our curriculum needs to be delivered by classroom practitioners who understand and utilise, to the best possible effect, an appropriate range of strategies, models and pedagogical principles that enable pupils to develop and learn. We also aim to ensure that all practitioners are equipped with the right skills, and have access to the right resources and services, to meet the SEND needs of pupils in a way that leverages the greatest impact on their learning.

This will only happen if we effectively and purposefully support and challenge leaders at all levels across the Trust ensuring that they have the leadership skills to utilise an extensive set of domain-specific knowledge.

To achieve this vision our goals for 2023/2024 are:

  • Ensure that the quality of Education continues to be at least good in all schools
  • Ensure that the provision for SEND pupils and vulnerable pupils (both current and planned new provisions) is of high quality
  • Ensure that the Trust continues to thrive during a period of financial challenge
  • Ensure that high Quality Leadership is in a place that is sustainable and affordable and effective